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Recent Lincoln Work

There are as many definitions of the word luxury as there are people on the planet. It has been both challenging and rewarding to deliver on Lincoln’s approachable take on luxury and the brand promise "The more human side of engineering."  


The return of a legend. The Lincoln Continental had been shelved for more than 10 years. In the automotive industry it is often heard that “This
vehicle launch is the most important launch in the company's history.” With more than 15 competitive vehicles in the segment the importance was,
in this case, quite true. My role was to write compelling headlines and copy for all Continental vehicle webpages, to create new imagery-shot in Miami and to create videos (below) to be housed on the site.

Lincoln Welcome Experience

When you approach the Continental lights up just as much as you do.

Continental Interior

A rear seat that doesn't take one. The Continental 
interior makes the most of every detail.

Exterior Styling
Designers were tasked to make sleek seem effortless. The Continental does not disappoint. 


Lincoln's first 400 horsepower engine. Many competitive mid-size luxury sedans have had 400+ horsepower engines for years.  Lincoln waited to get it right. Honestly, members of Lincoln's key audience, hovering around 60 years of age, were rather intimidated by raw power. The addition of adaptive steering, selectable suspension and dynamic torque vectoring gave rise to the notion of "Power with purpose." My role, similar to that of launching the Continental included creating copy for the vehicle pages, and videos  (below) housed on the site.

Exterior Design

Edit of running footage shot in Mallorca, Spain that offer stunning views of the new MKZ.

Power with Purpose

To prove the MKZ's power and handling capabilities, running footage was filmed on Mallorca's breathtaking and dangerous roads. 


The highest expression of what a Lincoln can be. Lincoln Black Label applies highly sought after materials, unique color combinations and membership privileges to create an ownership experience like no other. As new Lincoln Black Label themes were introduced and themes changed from year to year I was tasked with creating copy for both brand and dealer-level sites to highlight the difference between simply purchasing a Lincoln and truly owning one.


The way we purchase or lease a vehicle has, and will continue to evolve. Lincoln had a online inventory search system however, once a customer identified the vehicle they wanted, that was the end of the line. The rest including arranging for financing, option selection and trade in valuation had to be managed at the dealership.  Click to Purchase, now testing in 5 statewide markets, gives online shoppers the tools to complete virtually every step of the process long before visiting the dealership. If you care to visit the Click to Purchase site, use zip code 32003 for the full experience.

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