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Digital Video Content

Quite possibly the most humbling assignment that I have had the pleasure to receive. The Stories From the Road crew spent a few days with Mosaic, the nation's oldest non-profit organization, that is dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities to live independent lives. GM Fleet & Commercial is proud to be a partner in helping to provide independence. Kristie, the Mosaic client seen speaking at the end of the video summed it up wonderfully.

More Stories from the road...

Delta Leasing

It's 26 below. It's completely dark. It's 2 pm. The GMC Sierra pulls its weight within the Arctic Circle.


Chevrolet vehicles make light work of crowded California highways with Vride's ride sharing program.

Lincoln Continetal Web Videos

Exterior Styling
Designers were tasked to make sleek seem effortless. The Continental does not disappoint. 

Lincoln Welcome Experience

When you approach the Continental lights up just as much as you do.

Veit Construction

Durable products for rugged jobs. The Chevy Silverado is on-site for an ore dock demolition.

Continental Interior

A rear seat that doesn't take one. The Continental 
interior makes the most of every detail.

Lincoln MKZ Web Videos

Exterior Design

Edit of running footage shot in Mallorca, Spain that offer stunning views of the new MKZ.

Power with Purpose

To prove the MKZ's power and handling capabilities, running footage was filmed on Mallorca's breathtaking and dangerous roads. 

Certified Service "Expertips" Web Videos

Vehicle maintenance tips aren't always the most engaging.  The Certified Service Expertips series looked to introject a bit of fun in keeping your Chevy at its best.

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