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Stories From the Road

From the sub-zero temps of the Arctic Circle to the sprawling plains of Nebraska the Stories From the Road crew criss-crossed the nation seeking out authentic testimonial on GM Fleet & Commercial vehicles. The campaign consisted of digital video content housed on a completely redesigned web site, on-line advertising, print and additional value-added digital content. The results? Significant rises in awareness, engagement and sales.

More Stories from the road...

Delta Leasing

It's 26 below. It's completely dark. It's 2 pm. The GMC Sierra pulls its weight within the Arctic Circle.


Chevrolet Passenger vans help Mosaic, the nation's oldest non-profit, active its goals.

Veit Construction

Durable products for rugged jobs. The Chevy Silverado is on-site for an ore dock demolition.


Digital Extension- Chevy Life Culture Page

The stories from the road camaign was so compelling, we were invited to share our stories on the Chevrolet Culture micro-site.

OLA Units

Telling an intriguing story while being mindful of k-weight can be challenging.

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